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How Does the Cosmelan Treatment Work?

Formulated by skincare experts, the Cosmelan Treatment home pack offers a comprehensive two-month supply, comprising three meticulously formulated products. Rooted in scientific research, this regimen epitomizes Mesoestetic’s dedication to efficacy and results-driven skincare. The journey to clearer, brighter skin begins with Cosmelan Treatment, a pioneering solution designed to address unwanted hyperpigmentation.


Understanding the Process

So, how does cosmelan treatment work? Cosmelan treatments unfold in two phases, commencing with an in-clinic application of a specialized mask. Following this initial step, patients adhere to a stringent home care regimen. During the initial phase, the mask remains on the skin for 8-10 hours, kickstarting the depigmentation process. Within days, the top layers of the skin begin to shed. Side effects may include a mild sensation of tightness, itchiness, and surface redness. This shedding signifies the renewal process, revealing fresher, more even-toned skin underneath.


Combatting Hyperpigmentation at its Source

Hyperpigmentation, whether induced by sun exposure, hormonal fluctuations, or inflammation, manifests as dark spots, marring the complexion. Hence, how does cosmelan treatment work when it comes to hyperpigmentation? Cosmelan Treatment intervenes at the root, inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase responsible for melanin production. By targeting this key player in pigmentation, Cosmelan Treatment effectively diminishes the appearance of sunspots and treats hormonal discoloration and acne scarring, unveiling a luminous, uniform complexion.


Long-lasting Results with Patient Compliance

Upon completion of the active treatment phase, results begin to emerge, with significant improvements visible within two weeks. A radiant, spot-free complexion fully blossoms within four to five weeks post-treatment. The longevity of these results hinges on patient compliance and diligent skincare practices. By minimizing sun exposure, religiously applying sunscreen, and adhering to the prescribed skincare regimen, patients can prolong the benefits of Cosmelan treatment.


Tailored to Individual NeedsYou have now learned about how does Cosmelan Treatment work; next comes the frequency of the treatment. The frequency of Cosmelan Treatments varies based on factors such as skin type, level of pigmentation, and lifestyle choices. While initial treatments yield remarkable results lasting up to 18 months, stubborn pigmentation may necessitate a follow-up session after six months. Mrs. Maya, with her expertise and discerning eye, customizes each treatment plan to address the unique concerns and goals of her clients, ensuring optimal outcomes with every session.

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